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Jaipur, 25 April: Coronavirus pandemic will change the PR & Media Management sector as we know it. The sector is signalling a ‘new normal’ that is likely to continue even after the pandemic passes. PR will be reshaped through new PR trends, tools and technology.  The PR landscape will merge the traditional PR tools like press releases and press conferences to include newer forms of communication like social media, blogging, digital PR kits, e-brochures , among others. This was informed by the Jaipur- based senior PR practitioner, Jagdeep Singh. He was a guest speaker today at a video conferencing session organised by Business Network International (BNI) Royals Jaipur North chapter.

      Photo:- Senior PR Practitioner, Jagdeep Singh addressing the members of BNI Royals Jaipur North on 'New Trends in PR' through Video Conferencing

Talking about the importance of social media post-Corona era, Singh said that social media is a tool which is becoming increasingly important day by day. It will even become more important now. A single tweet by a celebrity or a politician can make big news or even start a Twitter war. Instagram posts and stories by celebrities are filling the Page 3 of newspapers. Facebook Live is being used to make announcements. Instagram Live is being used to conduct interviews by RJs.

Throwing light on the new advancements in traditional PR tools, he further said that big press conferences are a passé. One should focus on doing media briefings, roundtable media meets and one-on-one interactions. These too can  be done online through Skype, Zoom and other such platforms with select newspapers or channels. Traditional PR Kits will be replaced with digital PR kits in the form of USBs and e-mails. Hard copies of newsletters will give way to to e- brochures . Not only this, news can be created for clients by organising events for them or placing articles and Q&As on their behalf in newspapers, he said.

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