Mr. Modi ! Please stop "moorkhta" (stupidity) now

देखा गया

Reference: Country laboratory is not of madness

--  The entire economy of the country has collapsed due to the foolish, imprudent and unreasonable decision of the Central Govt.


JAIPUR-- It has now been fully proved that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have completely failed to deal with Corona.  Just as Modi had to face the issue of demonetisation, the same situation has happened during Corona.  Ultimately, leaving the state to the states, Modi has attained liberation.

You will notice that Modi's first address to the nation, in which he strongly appealed to the people that any person, wherever he is, should remain the same.  Then why did trains, buses and airplanes run due to lock down?  Why did people travel from one state to another?

When all this was to be done, why was this work not done before applying the lock down?  Modi is guilty of keeping laborers, students and employed people as prisoners inside the houses, whose time the people will surely punish.  For one and a half months, crores of people continued to live the life of patients.  Upstairs, play the plate and clap.  Wouldn't this be called the culmination of stupidity?

 The entire economy of the country has collapsed due to the foolish, imprudent and unreasonable decision of the Central Govt.  Today, neither the well nor the drinkers have water from those who dug wells every day.  People's suffering is not going to be overcome by wiping a few tears.  The pace of industry, business, production, development has all stopped.

Today, the country has gone back ten years due to the stupidity of fools.  If foolishness continues like this, then if there is a GDP minus there is no surprise.  This is the situation with the razor in the monkey's hand.  To bring the economy back on track, Modi should take advice from people like Manmohan Singh, Montek Singh and Raghuram Rajan while throwing a cloak of ego.  This will save at least some respect.

See the sign of stupidity  The person or the shopkeeper, the businessman who is helpless to juggle his own bread, is instructed to pay the wages, allowances etc. of laborers, servants.  Orders are being given as if Maiya Nirmala Sitharaman has buried the money.  Modi-ji, considering your instructions and appeals as a jumla, people have heard from one ear and thrown it out from the other ear.

Another example of Modiji's idiocy and childish rhetoric was seen during the message to the nation on 12 May.  Modi shouted out self-reliance and Swadeshi with loud shocks.  greetings !  Today we are not wandering under the jungle rule.  On the one hand, Vasudev Kutambha is talked about .... On the other hand a new and fresh jumla of being completely independent is served.

Manywar Modi  Like you, all countries have taken the initiative to become self-sufficient and adopt indigenous, will Amit Shah buy the exported goods from India or Amma Nirmala?  Will medicine, mobile, medical equipment, bullet train and its technology be imported from the Union Office of Nagpur?

Has become very stupid.  Please do not make the country a laboratory of madness.  Nothing is going to happen with the hour of GST or clapping in the name of Corona.  Just as the country was destroyed in the name of demonetisation, now please.  Will terrorism end?  Will fake notes stop printing?  The people of the country are begging for mercy with you folding their hands.  Now the spectacle should stop.

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