Judicial Illustration -- Caste will no longer be mentioned in any court case

देखा गया
Judicial Illustration -- 

Order issued by the Registrar General, confirming the order given by Justice Sanjiv Prakash Sharma, Judge of Rajasthan High Court

 -- The bandage that is tied on the eyes of the Goddess of Justice, the order has been issued accordingly

Dr.Manoj Ahuja

Advocate and Journalist】✍🏻

 JAIPUR-- This order was issued by Rajasthan High Court Judge  Sanjeev Prakash Sharma on 4.7.18 to SB Government and Subordinate Courts and Police Department, passing the decision in SB Criminal Miscellaneous Application Number 376/2018 Bishan Putra Dadli vs State of Rajasthan.  Now that he will not mention the caste of the accused in any of the proceedings. In this case, in the order of the accused's bail, the marking of the caste caste was done in place of Jatav, due to which the accused had to remain in judicial custody for 5 days.  But the Judge, while disposing of the said petition, issued the orders as above. In order to confirm this order, the Registrar General of the Rajasthan High Court has issued a directive to all the courts and tribunals of Rajasthan on 27.4.2020 that now any  Caste will not be mentioned in the case as well. I was informed about this order by our Mukesh Ji Arya, the ADJ Saheb of my KEKRI on my recent submission of an online revision petition. 

Further, the Meena caste was mentioned. On which the judge told me that such a standing order has been issued by the Hon'ble Rajasthan High Court. The information of the said order has not been communicated to the police department as of now.  Therefore, through this article I have written an article thinking of giving information to all the officers and employees of the Police Department.

    The bandage tied on the eyes also says that we do not know the person standing in front--

 In the said order issued by the Hon'ble Judge, it is clearly mentioned that the mention of caste is against the spirit of the constitution. In such a case, caste will not be mentioned in any of the proceedings. The logic behind this order is justice.  The bandage is tied on the eyes of the Goddess. Because we usually see that some people in this society are mostly involved in criminal activities, as her caste would be mentioned. So a perception about her would have come to mind. 

That it would be a criminal. And the same thing can lead to a failure in the objectives of justice. Apart from this, the poison of casteism is also fully spread in our society.  If this effect happens, then there is definitely a possibility of questioning this justice system somewhere. In my opinion, these orders have been issued keeping this basic sentiment in mind. And this statement of law is also there.  That there should be no justice, there should be justice. This order has tied the blindfold to the goddess of justice.  Meaningfulness proves.

The judicial system of our country and state has been reformed and amended from time to time. The order, which has been issued by Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma, will prove to be a milestone for the judiciary of Rajasthan.  The order is to be followed not only by the Rajasthan High Court but also by the subordinate courts and tribunals and the police department, but this order will not be applicable in the cases of SCST.

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