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Online Learning – Children’s Summer Festival’ till 27 June

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Jaipur, 6 June: As a part of Jawahar Kala Kendra’s (JKK) ongoing ‘Online Learning – Children’s Summer Festival, a 3-day ‘Folk Dance’ session by dancer, Ms. Anita Pradhan concluded today. Viewers that tuned in to the session, learned about the varying styles of the folk dances of Rajasthan. Over the course of the session, the artiste demonstrated a step-by-step choreography of one of the most popular folk dances of Rajasthan ‘Ghoomar’. Viewers also had the opportunity to learn how to warm up their bodies before a dance performance with the help of hand, feet, neck and waist exercises.

On the concluding day of the workshop, the viewers learned ‘Chari’ dance choreography by balancing a pot over one’s head. The artiste explained that the dance originates from Kishangarh where people perform to the beat of the Dhol.

She demonstrated how to make the stand for placing the ‘Chari’ (pot). During the choreography, the artiste focused on teaching hand and feet movements, balance, coordination, counting beats, instruments played with a Chari performance and much more. Apart from this, viewers also learned the nuances of ‘Tera Taali’ which is a Rajasthani folk dance performed by women sitting on the floor.

Earlier on the first and second day of the session, the artiste gave a glimpse into the various hand movements that are important in any type of Rajasthani dance. She explained that during a dance, the more flexible your hands are, the more beautiful your actions will come out. Apart from this, the session also focused on  balancing exercises and sitting exercises for body strengthening. Foot movements while maintaining rhythm, feet-hand coordination, bending gestures, maintain count and moving back and forth during a dance were also discussed. A very important action of folk dance is the ‘Ghoonghat’. How it is to be held, how long should you hold the pose as well as lifting the ‘Ghoonghat’ was also demonstrated by the artist.

Similarly, the artist explained common terms related to folk dance namely – ‘Taal’, ‘Tihaai’ and ‘Sam’. She said that while performing a dance that has ‘Nayak-Nayika’, facial and eye expressions play an equally important role. As a clue given to a dancer to start their performance usually a ‘Tihaai’ is played. In case of ‘Ghoomar’ this is usually played on ‘Nagada’, she explained.

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