Punjab & Haryana Welcomes the Launch of Copter7 Select Strong Beer by 7Ink Brews

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The new variant in the commercial beer category is all set to embark its journey in North India 

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Punjab & Haryana- The young and dynamic food and beverage start-up, 7Ink Brews founded by Mohit Bhagchandani and Co-Founded by Adil Mistry and Kunal Patel has been truly built around the attributes of the champion cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. MS Dhoni also happens to be the shareholder of the brand that created a huge buzz with the launch of its premium commercial beers and artisanal chocolates under the name ‘Copter7’.

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 Its Premium Strong, and Smooth Lager has truly turned out to be one of the popular choices among consumers in Maharashtra, Goa, Pune and Bengaluru. The brand is now ready to expand and venture in the select strong category by introducing Copter7 Select Strong in Punjab and Haryana.The flavoursome beer is brewed considering the palate and preferences of the audience and will be available at select wine shops in these states. 


Select Strong beer is a golden coloured lager with a rich aroma of malt and rice that is well balanced with special German hops and using finest quality local produce. The new variant is medium-bodied with high carbonation and creamy head, making it strong yet smooth in nature.  The premium range is an aspirational product and a perfect balance of commercial lagers. Whereas the select strong category is said to be a mass yet high-quality product aptfor the palate and preferences of the audience in the targeted cities. 

With an ABV under 8% the Select Strong will be available in; 

Punjab: 330ML at INR 95/- (MRSP), 500ML at INR 125/- (MRSP) and 650ML at INR 176/- (MRSP)

Haryana: 330ML at INR 65/- (MRSP), 500ML at INR 85/- (MRSP) and 650ML at INR 110/- (MRSP)

*Minimum Retail Selling Price (MRSP)


Beer is the fastest growing alcoholic beverage by consumption in India, as per reports. In 2020, the strong beer category is contributing to be the largest revenue share and is further expected to reach 5,728.16 million litres in terms of volume by 2025. These favourable market conditions make the launch of Copter7 Select Strong a promising offer to the burgeoning segment.

Commenting on the launch, Mohit Bhagchandani, Founder and Managing Director, 7Ink Brews says, “We are honoured to have been introducing our set of products to our consumers. When we decided to launch the brand, we had to face a lot of challenges due to the nationwide lockdown that eventually impacted the industry at large. However, I am glad to announce that today, we have successfully expanded our product range from Copter7 Smooth lager, Premium strong to now announcing the launch of our Select Strong Beer in additional states of the country. We further aim to expand our reach by offering and maintaining high quality and taste of our lager beers and are confident that the new addition will be well accepted by the audience.”

About Copter7 and 7ink Brews

Driven by grit, belief and commitment towards providing sustained quality products and value to their stakeholders, the dynamic start-up 7Ink Brews has a range of premium commercial beers and artisanal chocolates available in the market under the brand name Copter7. Launched in April, with the premium category Copter 7 Premium Strong is a malty amber lager with a toasty aroma, which makes it ideal for easy drinking, while staying true to signature strong style and the Smooth Premium Lager is low on bitterness and has a fruity and refreshing flavour making it an everyday beer.

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