"I can bet my money on him that he will be synonymous with Punjabi pop in no time", says the '83' star Hardy Sandhu on the singer Romaana's EP 'Meherbaniaan'

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The '83' star and singer Hardy Sandhu opens up about his feelings on singer Romaana's  new EP  'Meherbaniaan'

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August 9,2021

The fastest rising star Romaana has gained major recognition with his voice and charm. After embarking on his solo career with his first single, 'Goriyaan Goriyaan', the singer garnered a massive fan base. Romana's first EP, 'Meherbaniaan', was released recently by Desi Melodies. This album includes four songs created, composed and sung by him. Romaana has also involved some of the best musicians like his own mentor Jaani, Avvy Sra and Jaydden making it an melody to ears. The EP is receiving a lot of attention from the audience as the views are increasing quickly.

"I can bet my money on him that he will be synonymous with Punjabi pop in no time", says the '83' star Harrdy Sandhu on the singer Romaana's EP  'Meherbaniaan'

Romaana, who became an overnight sensation with his first release, shares a brotherly bond with Hardy Sandhu, the popular singer and actor who will appear in '83' alongside Ranveer Singh. Hardy Sandhu remarks about Romaana's new EP because he has seen him grow and flourish as an artist, stating, "Romaana is one of the brightest artists in the Indian music scene right now and I can bet my money on him that he will be synonymous with Punjabi pop in no time! His dedication to the art and attention to detail is clearly visible on every song of the ‘Mehrbaniaan’ EP." Additionally, Hardy Sandhu elaborated on Romaana's skills, explaining, --

  "One thing that separates him from the crowd is that he is focused more on trying out new things without compromising on quality. Romaana is an artist that the world needs to keep an eye out for because this wonder-kid is a star in the making!". As Romaana has proven himself in the industry, Hardy Sandhu's words are true in every sense. 

Coming back to the EP, The first song on the EP, 'Mehrbaniaan,' tells a story of a helpless bride who has given up her toxic lover; As the protagonist longs for his partner, 'Khair Allah Khair' embodies that longing; The song 'Kithe Reh Gaye' is about the love of his life and his desire to win it back, and for 'Mann Dolje' Romaana uses the canvas to praise his lover’s eyes and how captivating they are by using alluring metaphors.

 On the Work front, Romaana has been a part of record-breaking songs such as Arijit Singh's 'Pachtaoge'  and is credited as the lyricist of Jassie Gill’s super hit song ‘Ehna Chauni Aa’. The young talent has contributed to superhits like ‘Haath Chumme’, ‘Sufna’ and ‘Qismat’ as well.

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